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Whether you are starting your own business for the first time or you have been moving freight for numerous years and are looking for the best prices, having the knowledge of what bobtail insurance is, how much you need, and what the best ways to save money are is essential. This article from Fontana Trucking Insurance is you all of the details so you can make an educated decision on the best insurance policies, and the best amounts, and at the best prices available. Many drivers need bobtail insurance in order to be legally operating, and financial protection is an essential part of any business.

What is Bobtail Insurance?

Bobtail insurance is a crucial part of the trucking industry. Both individuals and businesses are relying on trucks to move goods across the country. Over the years, trucking has become an even larger part of the industry’s backbone. Without trucking businesses, other companies would not be able to sell the goods that they do. Trucking is essential for gasoline sales, food sales, clothing sales, and many other goods. Even vehicles are driven on trucks from point A point B to be sold. In many situations, trucks that are delivering products will have the trailer attached to them. Whether you are operating under someone else’s trucking authority or your own, if you drive without a trailer, it is referred to as bobtailing. When you are driving a truck without a trailer, you will be relying on your bobtail insurance, a type of liability insurance.

Do I Need Bobtail Insurance?

Whenever you are driving your truck or driving a truck under someone else’s authority, your trucker's liability insurance or motor carrier insurance will only protect you in some situations. This includes while you are under dispatch or hauling a trailer. You will need individual coverage for other types of driving situations. If you drive a truck under someone else’s trucking authority without a trailer, at any point in time, you will need a bobtail insurance plan. You’ll also need this type of policy if you want to protect yourself from lawsuits or potential out-of-pocket expenses if an accident occurs. In many cases, your motor carrier may require you to carry the coverage. If you are required by law to carry bobtail insurance coverage, you will need to purchase a plan. If you do not drive a truck without a trailer or are looking to get coverage for recreational driving or driving on personal trips, you likely do not need a bobtail insurance policy.

What Does Bobtail Insurance Cover?

There are many things that this type of insurance plan will cover. It can help protect you financially if you are involved in an accident after you deliver a load, or if you are on your way to pick up an additional load. If you are involved in a crash on your way to pick up your first load, bobtail insurance can also provide coverage. This type of insurance plan will also cover you while you are on your way home from a delivery, so long as you are driving your truck without a trailer. This type of insurance plan does not cover physical damage to your truck in any of these situations, but rather it will pay for costs associated with liability. This can include legal fees, medical bills for injury, and settlement expenses in some cases.

How Much Does Bobtail Insurance Cost?

Bobtail insurance coverage can cost anywhere between $20 and $50 per month. You may need other insurance coverage to go along with your bobtail coverage; this can be just one portion of coverage you need. The prices you pay for bobtail coverage are affected by numerous variables, including your driving record, how long you have been driving, how busy you are, and what your annual receipts are, among other things.

Are You Ready To Get Down To Business?

If you are ready to get down to business, Fontana Trucking Insurance is here to assist you in getting your optional insurance needs met. There are other types of insurance policies you can consider, and many truck drivers will not need this type of insurance plan. Some drivers will need non-trucking liability insurance instead. Regardless of which type of insurance plan or plans you are looking for; you can get top prices for insurance policies using the free quote tools here at Fontana Trucking Insurance.

What Is The Difference Between Bobtail Insurance And Non-Trucking Liability?

Non-trucking liability insurance offers protection when you use your vehicles for non-business related purposes. If you are using your truck for personal reasons rather than commercial driving, this is the insurance plan you will need to have. Personal driving can include picking up your kids, going grocery shopping, and doing other non-business related tasks. When you are driving without a trailer, but the driving is related to your work, bobtail insurance coverage will be needed. This includes driving home after dropping off a load, driving to pick up a load at the beginning of the day, and driving from one drop-off to another pickup when you do not have a trailer attached.

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