Flatbed Truck Insurance

When people first get started in the trucking industry, they are sometimes surprised at the sheer number of trucks that exist. Flatbed trucks are one category of trucks, and they may carry any number of materials on them. This can include construction materials to heavy machinery, field equipment to sheet-metal, and more. In many cases, flatbed trucks will be carrying oversized loads. Special state permits may be required in order to transport these materials, and it is essential to follow the laws and guidelines associated with transporting this type of cargo. One of the most commonly occurring risks for flatbed trucks is cargo shifting. In some cases, the cargo can spill if the proper safety precautions are not taken. Flatbed insurance policies can help protect you from damages associated with these things and more. Comprehensive insurance coverage is available for independent drivers of flatbed trucks, as well as the companies providing these services.

Flatbed truck insurance sample quote:

Fleet Size 2 trucks
Radius 500 miles
Equipment value (trucks and trailers) $45,000
Commodities hauled Building materials, machinery
Years in business 2
Number of claims in past 3 years none
Annual premium for $1m Liability, Uninsured Motorist, Physical Damage and $100k Cargo limit $7,250
Downpayment $1,450
Pay Plan 10 installments of $580

What Does Flatbed Truck Insurance Cover?

Each state has different laws in terms of flatbed truck insurance. Getting the proper amount of insurance coverage so you can drive legally in your state is essential, and if you are crossing state lines, you will want to make sure you are adequately covered for that. There is not a single policy that will work for everyone; each flatbed truck is in a unique situation. Fontana Trucking Insurance has the top team for evaluating the needs of your business. Here, you can get an insurance plan that is tailored specifically to you. Flatbed truck insurance policies that are well put together most often include comprehensive insurance coverage, collision insurance coverage, coverage for ramps, chains, tarps, and binders, and other types of insurance are also generally recommended. Talking with professionals is a fantastic way to verify you are getting an insurance policy that suits your needs. At Fontana Trucking Insurance, this team of highly educated and experienced professionals is incredibly knowledgeable. There are also free quote tools for insurance here to help you comparison shop between multiple top companies. Comparison-shopping is a fantastic way to save money on your insurance plan.

How Much Does Flatbed Truck Insurance Cost?

Many variables go into determining how much a person will pay for flatbed truck insurance. This includes the size of the fleet, the radius the fleet will be operating in, which commodities are called, the value of the truck and trailers being utilized, the driving record of the operators, and the number of years’ experience in the business, among other things. The annual premiums for $1 million of liability insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, physical damage coverage, and a $100,000 cargo limit can range from $6,750-$7,500 or more.

Number of Flatbed Trucks Average Insurance Cost per Year
1 truck $12,000

Are You Ready To Get Down To Business?

If you are ready to enter the flatbed truck business or looking for better rates for your current fleet, Fontana Trucking Insurance is the top place to get quotes. By comparing prices from multiple companies, you can get a policy that suits your needs and save money. It is essential to consider multiple variables when purchasing any insurance plan. The decision you make can have a drastic effect on your business. Price is not the only consideration; customer service, reliability, timely service, and purchasing a policy that covers the amount you need to have covered is essential.

Other Key Coverages for Flatbed Truck Businesses

Other key coverages for flatbed trucking businesses include towing and storage, combined deductibles, loading and unloading, debris removal, pollution coverage, earned freight, and others. At Fontana Trucking Insurance, you can get quotes from more than 15 insurance providers across the country. The expert team here can help you get a comprehensive list of policy quotes, helping you to keep more money in your pocket while also providing the coverage you need to protect yourself and your business financially.

How To Save On Flatbed Truck Insurance

While there are many considerations people have when purchasing a flatbed truck insurance plan, price is often on people’s minds. Here, you can compare prices from many top companies to find the best policy to suit your needs. Use the free flatbed truck insurance quote tools to get multiple quotes to compare. You will also want to compare the policies you are considering line by line to make sure they are covering everything you need. In some cases, people will increase the amount of insurance coverage beyond the minimum limits required; this is often recommended. You may also consider riders, which are add-ons to your plan that can provide additional financial protection. Whether you are an independent driver or have a large fleet of vehicles, flatbed insurance can be an essential part of your business. Contact the expert team at Fontana Trucking Insurance to get more information today.

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