Garbage Truck Insurance

Truckers are essential workers who help keep things running smoothly week in and week out. At Fontana Trucking Insurance, you get free quotes from multiple companies, and the competition can help you save. Waste Hauler insurance is required in many situations. A large part of the cost for a waste collection business is the insurance policy they need to purchase. Knowing whether your company should be carrying this insurance and how much it costs is essential. You can also get tips in this article on how to save money on Waste Hauler insurance plans. These policies can be pricey, and saving money can help you lower the cost of your company’s overhead.

Coverage Average Cost
Primary Liability $3000-7000
General Liability $500-2000
Workers’ Compensation $3600-7000
Umbrella Policy $1000-1500

Do I Need Garbage Truck Insurance?

Waste Hauler insurance is sometimes referred to as garbage truck insurance. It is not cheap, and while many variables can affect what a company will pay for it, it can often range between $4,000 and $15,000 per truck, per year. This is the pricing for municipal garbage collection. Private waste collection companies will often find lower prices. There are also commercial waste collection companies and industrial waste collection companies, which will pay a little more for insurance costs on average. This general pricing is for garbage trucks and is estimated. If you do recycling, hazardous waste disposal, medicinal waste services, septic tank services, portable toilet services, or other types of waste disposal, you can see different estimates presented. The cost of your insurance policy can be lowered if you do not cross state lines, if you have never had an accident, if you have years of experience with few claims, if you do trash collection in a rural or suburban area, and if you have background checks on each of your employees and each of them has a clean driving record. Costs can go up if you are operating in a radius larger than 75 miles, if you are hauling hazardous material, if you are a newer business, or if you own a recycling center, incinerator, or landfill. Urban and metro areas often see higher costs on average as well.

What Does Garbage Truck Insurance Cover?

Garbage Truck Insurance covers primary liability, general liability, Workmen’s Compensation, and umbrella policy. There is some flexibility as some of these types of insurance are optional. You will be required to carry primary liability insurance and general liability insurance, however.

Are You Ready To Get Down To Business?

The team at Fontana Trucking Insurance is ready to assist you in finding the best prices for Waste Hauler insurance available. Keep in mind that price is not the only variable to consider when purchasing this type of policy. You will want to consider the quality of customer service, the reliability of the company, and the operating area of the companies you are considering when purchasing a policy. Fontana Trucking Insurance has an expert team that is standing by to answer your questions and present you with multiple quotes on trucking insurance plans.

Other Essential Insurance For Your Trash Hauling Business

In addition to liability insurance, medical payments insurance, physical damage insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, UIM coverage, and optional commercial auto insurance like rental coverage, towing coverage, trailer interchange coverage, and accessories coverage, are all available. Get your free quotes at Fontana Trucking Insurance now.

Ways To Save On Garbage Truck Insurance

There are a plethora of ways to save money on insurance. Use the following tips to reduce your insurance costs overall. If you can, bundle coverage. Each refuse truck in your fleet will require a commercial auto liability plan. Transfer stations, recycling centers, owned landfills; these also need general liability. Hazmat haulers, liquid waste haulers, and medical waste haulers need insurance endorsements. If you get each of these things through the same company, that company will generally give you a discounted price. Bundling discounts are one of the top ways to save money on garbage truck coverage. You can also pay for your policy upfront, saving a significant amount of money over choosing to pay month-to-month.

Many insurance providers also offer discounts to companies that commit to their staff completing a safety training program. Safety programs can include teaching them proper lifting techniques, teaching effective communication, making them wear their safety belts, ensuring they have access to and are wearing protective equipment and not taking it off when you are not around, and a list of other things. Large fleets can also get discounts, and shopping around is the top way to save. Fontana Trucking Insurance has free tools and resources to help you get the best policy to suit your needs. In addition, you can reach out to the professional team here with any questions you have. Let Fontana Trucking Insurance get quotes from multiple companies for you to compare. The overhead costs of Waste Hauler insurance can be lower than average, let the team here assist you.

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