Box Truck Insurance

Trucking is a massive industry, and moving goods by truck is one of the most common and reliable ways to transport many types of goods. They are used to help people move from one home to the other, and companies move massive numbers of products from their distribution centers to retail stores and other locations with box trucks. As a trucking professional, you help these companies and customers meet the demand for their products and help get them where they need. Truck drivers and trucking companies will need an adequate insurance policy to protect them from expensive risks the transport of these goods can bring. Due to such a wide variety of goods that can be transported, as well as other items, a wide range of box truck insurance plans are available. With this article from Fontana Trucking Insurance, you can both get answers to your questions and comparison shop to get the best prices for box truck insurance available.

What Is Box Truck Insurance?

Box truck insurance is the type of insurance coverage that will provide you or your company coverage if transporting goods. Knowing the value of what you are transporting, what you are transporting, and whether you are crossing state lines is an important part of determining what types of insurance you will need. Vehicles that are transporting less expensive foods will not need as much insurance as a vehicle that is transporting more expensive electronics. Knowing your options and what type of insurance coverage you need is essential. There are numerous different types of commercial insurance policies to consider.

Do I Need Box Truck Insurance?

If you are driving a box truck, whether it has a trailer attached or not, you will need some sort of insurance plan. Depending on your situation, you may need additional insurance in addition to standard box truck insurance types. If you are transporting goods, helping people move, or using a box truck to carry out your business operations, look into getting box truck insurance from Fontana Trucking Insurance.

Number of Box Trucks Average Insurance Cost per Year
1 $2,000 – $40,000

What Does Box Truck Insurance Cover?

Box Truck Insurance can cover a wide range of things. There are many independent truckers, as well as businesses, that use a box truck to carry out business operations. This includes moving companies, couriers, and retail shipping companies, as well as many others. Get fully protected with commercial auto insurance from Fontana Trucking Insurance. Different types of auto insurance you should consider include bodily injury liability insurance, property damage liability insurance, medical payments insurance, physical damage insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, and there are others you should take a look at as well. Rental insurance coverage, towing coverage, trailer coverage, trailer interchange coverage, unattended truck coverage, and cargo coverage can also be essential parts of your insurance plan.

Are You Ready To Get Down To Business?

Regardless of whether you are getting started as a trucker for the first time or have been doing it for years, it can be a smart plan to reevaluate your insurance needs each year. The tools you can find at Fontana Trucking Insurance can help you save money on box truck insurance policies.

How Much Does Box Truck Insurance Cost?

There are numerous variables to consider when selecting a box truck insurance plan. This includes whether or not you are transporting cargo. Cargo in a box truck can be quite expensive, particularly if it is electronics, specialty goods, and furniture. If an accident occurs and damages or destroys these goods, you could be held liable for replacing them. Trucks that are transporting less expensive goods that are easier to replace will need less coverage overall, which will most often be cheaper. There are other variables that affect what a person will pay for insurance as well, including driver’s record, how far products are being taken, and more. Saving money on box truck insurance starts with comparison-shopping, and you can use the free box truck insurance quote tools at Fontana Trucking Insurance to get the best prices on insurance available.

Types Of Box Trucks Covered

There are two major aspects of box truck insurance that should be considered. You will need to insure the vehicle to help cover costs associated with liability in collisions, physical damage, and more. In addition, getting insurance for the cargo within the vehicle can help protect your company in case the cargo is destroyed or damaged during transit. There are multiple types of box trucks that are covered by insurance policies, which is another consideration. Common businesses that are in need of box truck insurance or straight truck insurance include transportation companies, couriers, retail distribution, wholesale distribution, movers, furniture delivery companies, contractors, and builders, and there are many others as well. Types of trucks that are covered under box truck insurance can include moving trucks, straight trucks, rack trucks, flatbed trucks, and others.

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