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One of the most common questions asked at Fontana Trucking Insurance is, "What should I know about pickup insurance?" Many questions are also asked about big rigs, commercial auto insurance, and other types of insurance. This article will explore what you need to know about pickup insurance specifically, however. The class of use you need is an essential part of determining the best truck insurance policy for you, as well as your rates and overall needs. You will want to have your truck type available, as well as information on the truck's usual cargo and daily use. If you are driving a larger truck, you may need big rig insurance, and if your truck is being used to transport work equipment, you may consider other insurance types and add-ons.

Should I Get Insurance For My Pickup Truck?

To drive legally on public roads in the United States, you will need to have insurance for your pickup truck. A more specific question about the insurance is which types of insurance you should get. There are generally two categories in which a person’s pickup truck may fall under. The first is private use, and the second is commercial use.

What Are The Different Types Of Pickup Truck Insurance?

Commercial use insurance coverage is designed for people who use their truck in connection with a business. Getting a commercial van insurance policy is a way to protect yourself from financial liability, and your company can also be protected if you own a fleet of trucks. You will need to select from categories such as “haulage” or “own goods.” The categories you select will have an impact on what you pay for your policy, and being honest on your documentation is important. Being dishonest when applying for an insurance policy can be considered insurance fraud and can result in your claim being denied or other penalties. Commercial insurance policies can sometimes be extended to cover carrying more hazardous goods, specialist tools, work materials, and can also cover modifications in some cases.

A private-use policy is offered for pickups under a certain size. Some of the pickup trucks available will automatically be classified as a commercial use truck if they are larger. This can have an impact on which types of trucks you are considering purchasing. Private use policies for trucks are most comparable to car insurance policies, and there is no allowance on these policies for use in connection with work. There is a lot of flexibility in these types of policies, and unique endorsements can be found for specific vehicle uses in some cases.

Will Insurance Cover What I’m Carrying In My Pickup?

There are many endorsements and add-ons for pickup insurance, including legal cover, courtesy vehicle cover, no claims protection, Missfueling, lost key cover, comprehensive cover, and third-party cover. Insurance will not always cover what you are carrying in your pickup; you may need to get specific endorsements to suit your individual needs. Personal belongings coverage will help cover the cost of replacing your belongings if stolen from your pickup or destroyed in a fire/damaged in an accident. Two options that are available include “carriage of your own goods” and “haulage.” If you have an open back pickup, you can be denied payout on your claim if you leave your truck unattended when you park it. Items should not be left in a vehicle overnight either, and it is essential to read over your policy to make sure what you want to have covered is covered for making your purchase. The expert team at Fontana Trucking Insurance is here to assist you in finding the best policy available to suit your needs.

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