Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

When you make your living from hauling cargo, you need to ensure that you take every precaution necessary to protect your equipment, your employees, and the cargo you haul. This is where Motor Truck Cargo Insurance can come in handy. Continue reading below to learn more about what exactly Motor Truck Cargo Insurance covers, who needs Truck Cargo Insurance, and how to find the best Motor Truck Cargo Insurance for you.

What Is Motor Truck Cargo Insurance?

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance is a type of liability insurance that protects more than the standard basic liability insurance that is required by law. Carrier liability usually only covers damages and injuries to people and property, but does not cover the cargo being hauled at the time of the accident.

This is where Motor Truck Cargo Insurance comes in: this additional coverage protects cargo from loss, damage, and theft during transit. Keep in mind, though, that most policies are not continuous. Usually, Motor Truck Cargo Insurance policies are written to cover specific shipments or a series of specific shipments within the life of the policy.

Who Can Benefit From Motor Truck Cargo Liability Coverage?

Anyone who drives for-hire and moves cargo for-hire, or who employs people and owns vehicles used to drive cargo, would benefit from Motor Truck Liability Coverage.

What Does Motor Truck Cargo Liability Cover?

Vehicles that can be covered with Motor Truck Liability Coverage include any tractor-trailers, car haulers, flatbeds, cargo vans, and box trucks that are used in a commercial capacity. Coverage levels vary depending on a number of variables, but most plans cover losses of cargo due to collision, theft, water damage, fire, equipment failure, or refrigeration breakdown. Some plans include debris removal or the cleanup of pollutants as well.

You can also purchase additional coverage endorsements, such as:

$25,000 blanket coverage that can be used for debris removal, reloading, security, traffic control, or towing costs

$10,000 earned freight coverage to replace lost income for a cargo that cannot be delivered due to cargo loss

$25,000 for fire damage coverages

$1,000 for lost data incurred by preparing loss data such as inventory, appraisals, and preparing other data related to a covered loss

How Much Does Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Cost?

Motor Truck Liability Coverage is essential for trucking clients, but the cost of coverage can vary greatly. Beyond the company that you choose or the coverage plan you choose, your plan cost can vary due to your credit history, your history of filing insurance claims, the driving history of your cargo truck drivers, and the expense of your loads.

You can use Fontana Trucking Insurance’s cost calculator to get a more accurate estimate of your insurance based on these details. You can also use this website to shop for quotes from providers and to request information on plans.

Saving Money On Insurance

There are many ways to save money on motor truck cargo insurance, including through discounts and insurance bundling. Many businesses have multiple types of insurances they need. By getting multiple types of insurance from one company, providers offer discounts on premiums. Comparison-shopping is another fantastic way to save, and Fontana Trucking Insurance brings a large range of providers together to help you find the best rate available. Contact the team of experts here if you have any questions or inquiries, and be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back and visit often. It is recommended to get quotes for insurance every few years to keep your prices as low as possible for high-quality plans.

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