Limousine Insurance

Limousines are a luxury, and people using these services are looking for dependability and fantastic service. People use limousines to get to airports, transport party guests, and for many other reasons. In order to drive a limousine legally in your state, you will need to purchase limousine insurance. Limousines are expensive vehicles, and if they are damaged either you or your company can incur immense expenses. There are minimum limits required for limousine insurance determined by each state, though you will want to make sure you have enough coverage to suit your needs. In many cases, the amount of coverage you will want to purchase is more than the minimum amount required by law. Limo insurance also applies to black car services. It is a type of livery insurance coverage that protects drivers who transport people from one place to another as a for-hire service. There are differences between taxi services and black car and limo businesses. Taxi services sometimes offer rides that are not prescheduled, while black car services and limo businesses offer prescheduled rides with specific locations the customers will be picked up and dropped off at. In most cases, black cars and limousines are SUVs or luxury sedans.

Coverage Average Cost
Primary Liability $3500-7000
General Liability $1500-2500
Physical Damage $500-3500
Workers’ Comp $2000-5000
Medical Payments $1000-2000

How To Save Money On Your Limo Insurance

While the price is not the only factor that should be considered when getting limo insurance, it is definitely on people’s minds. Comparison-shopping using the free quote tools for limo insurance here at Fontana Trucking Insurance is one of the top ways to save. Companies compete with each other for your business, and the tools on this website help you take advantage of this. Other considerations that need to be looked at include customer service, company dependability, types of insurance coverage offered, and companies that operate in the state you are in.

How Is Limousine Insurance Different?

Limousine insurance is different than other types of commercial auto insurance plans, adding features that match the needs of both drivers and companies. Since black car businesses and limo services involve transporting people, the coverage needed will protect both you, your drivers, and the passengers in your vehicles. It helps cover your risk for liability claims when needed. Limousine coverage can include personal injury insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, UIM coverage, bodily injury insurance, property damage liability coverage, and more.

What Kind Of Limousine Insurance Do I Need If I Hire Drivers?

If you are hiring drivers, the state regulations imposed where you are need to be satisfied. These minimum limits for limousine insurance most often include requirements for property damage liability coverage, bodily injury liability coverage, employment liability, and Workmen’s Compensation. Other types of insurance are also offered. Contact a Fontana Trucking Insurance agent to speak with an experienced professional who specializes in commercial vehicle insurance. The professionals here will get you information on the requirements in your state and help you compare plans from multiple companies. If you drive your own vehicle and are a sole proprietor, the quotes you receive will be different than someone who has a fleet of cars or vans. In both cases, the expert team at Fontana Trucking Insurance is here to assist.

How To Get Discounts On Limo Insurance

Use the free quote tools here at Fontana Trucking Insurance to get the discounts you qualify for. Contacting Fontana can get your unique and specific questions answered and help you determine which discounts you can utilize. Comparison-shopping from multiple companies is an essential part of purchasing insurance, allowing people to keep more money in their pockets while also providing them with a top-quality plan that suits their needs. Call today or use the tools here for free limousine insurance estimates now.

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